Legal Terms & Conditions

A. General term and condition

  • 1. Dear customer before booking the car, drivers and tempo please read the terms and condition carefully of our booking policy.
  • 2. Dear customers you can book the drivers car and temp in advance of 3hour to 15 days as per the particular vehicle and driver’s availability on our website plotted the schedule.
  • 3. Dear customer during booking if you fail to book the car of some errors happened please mail to our customer support teams on, or you can call on 9082942968 in office time from morning 8 o’clock to evening 10 o’clock from Monday to Saturday.
  • 4. You can book our cars only for your own purpose on your name and if you are booking for your company please mention so and you liable to accepts our terms and condition.
  • 5. Please be honest and no booking allowed in our system cars, drivers and tempo for any illegal activity and you cannot make any illegal activity attempts and fishing our website so that hacking, phishing or any malware activity observed or that will hurt to public, our company and society, in such case company will be strictly take legal action against the person or company or organization.

B. Booking policy and condition

  • 1. You can hire car before 3hours and in advance of booking up to 15 days.
  • 2. We have cars available for rental with drivers and without drivers as self drive so please check the box and select the option as appropriate.
  • 3. Daily driver available for 4hr, 8Hr, 12Hr & full day base so select accordingly fare will be shown there.
  • 4. We have available Tempo, truck & mini tempo for rent with drivers only as per time and rate check before booking.
  • 5. Please check the car condition, their accessory any damage and fuel tank full before riding, if you are taking for self drive or for the rental purpose you have to provide cars in the same condition.
  • 6. For self drive you have to pay the deposit of 3000 extra that will be returned back after checking the cars, condition and fuel tank should be full.
  • 7. After car taking on rental all the responsibility will be car riders so please check before riding & after riding compilation car documents, vehicle condition or if any accident happened you must have to inform to us and have to bear the expenses also.
  • 8. Car pick up point and drop point will be same, fuel tank will be filled full and you must have to returns in full take.
  • 9. If you are taking your drivers that drivers will be police verified please make sure of that before riding also you have to provide the documents of drivers & his test drive then car will be handover.
  • 10. We also provide the police verified drivers only please check their ID before the driving with them or call to our support teams if drivers are not same.
  • 11. You have to pay the charges online for drivers booking, car booking and tempo, truck & mini tempo booking as per our 4 hr, 8Hr, 12Hr and full day charges shown on every cars, drivers and truck, temp & mini tempo before booking check then read the policy then confirm the booking.
  • 12. After booking online that will be considered as 100% confirmed and all the details will shared with customer immediately with mail, invoice and phone calls from our company.
  • 13. You have to provide your Address proof, Photo Id proof before starting the riding for cars, if not provided you will not be able to get the car on self drive and on rental.
  • 14. In case of tempo, Truck & mini tempo booking you must have to bear all expense for toll, parking & labor or any other expense while riding.
  • 15. Driver’s food, accommodation and night charges will be extra in case 8 Hour booking, if you have plan of halting. In case of full day also you have to provide the food and accommodation there will be daily charges as per the given in booking window you can choose that.
  • 16. Tempo will not be given without drivers, all charges will be shown in box booking window itself.
  • 17. In case of drivers data base that driver’s responsibility will not be of our company, we have only the driver’s database platform, please make all necessary verification before taking him as our company will not be responsible in any case.
  • 18. For car selling us only provide the car status for just enquiry purpose their all the details will given in the respective vehicle categories only please visit vehicle, check it then decide . their our company will not be responsible in any case.

C. Cancelation policy & Refund:

  • 1. If customer cancelled the booking before 10 to 14 days 10% will be deducted.
  • 2. If customer cancelled the booking before 5 to 9 days 20% will be deducted.
  • 3. If customer cancelled the booking before 3 to 4 days 30% will be deducted.
  • 4. If customer cancelled the booking before one day 60% will be deducted.
  • 5. If customer cancelled the booking on current days No Refund allowed.
  • 6. (In case of Cars, daily drivers Or Truck, tempo & mini Tempo could not able to come on the given time due to traffic, any accident or un availability on the same day last booking extension, then other drivers, cars, truck, tempo & Mini Tempo will be provided, there will be in inconvenienced delay that customer have to be keep patience or call for support to support teams)
  • 7. Note:-for driver’s database, drivers Job & vehicle selling inquiry, Money refund will not be done.
  • 8. Term and policy will be changed before prior notice and all right will be reserved by Nirmiti Private limited.